germany. cologne. a few phone pics.






[all photos were taken within the last weeks with my motorola. spring is finally here and I couldn’t be happier. who needs holidays if you can play tourist in your own town?! especially with today’s sunshine cologne seemed to be the most beautiful city on earth. ]


1. love padlocks at hohenzollern bridge / 2. the cathedral seen from hohenzollern bridge / 3. & 4. street art in altstadt süd / 5. restaurant odessa / 6. altes pfandhaus / 7. coffee at cafe walter / 8. houses near römerpark / 9. houses near volksgarten / 10. street art by ROA in ehrenfeld / 11. the new mosque with the television tower ‘colonius’ in the background / 12. my shadow / 13.grüngürtel / 14. froyo from the new foxberry

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