new york city. really. has it all.

“The city’s got the right name – New York. Nothing ever gets old around here.” Ralph Stephenson

“As for New York City, it is a place apart. There is not its match in any other country in the world.” Pearl S. Buck

“New York is the only real city-city.” Truman Capote

“New York is the biggest collection of villages in the world.”  Alistair Cooke

“I love New York because within it’s borders you can travel the world.”  Dennis Gonzalez

1. a squirrel at battery park / 2. the new york public library / 3. fire escapes / 4. the fountain in bryant park / 5. newlyweds on 5th avenue / 6. a community garden in alphabet city / 7. coco rocha signing autographs at macys on fashion’s night out / 8. a house on bowery / 9. 5th avenue and 76th street / 10. williamsburg bridge / 11. us open in queens / 12. union square / 13. greenwich avenue & perry street / 14.  in china town / 15. coffee and cupcakes from magnolia bakery / 16. nice guy eddie’s on houston street / 17. hamilton grange in hamilton heights / 18. the chelsea hotel

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