los angeles. a walk along walk of fame.

the walk of fame runs along 15 blocks on hollywood boulevard with about 2.500 five-pointed stars embedded in the side walk.

landmarks along the way include:

grauman’s chinese theatre:

sid grauman’s chinese theatre was built in 1927 and held three oscar ceremonies. it is mostly famous for the hand- and footprints outside the theatre.

“I used to go to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and try to fit my foot in a celebrity impression. it really meant to me that anything is possible… almost.” marilyn monroe

grauman’s egyptian theatre:

the egyptian theatre was the first movie theatre sid grauman built on hollywood boulevard. it opend in 1922 and held the first hollywood premiere.

the kodak theatre:

today’s home opf the academy awards: the kodak theatre, a part of the hollywood highland shopping and entertainment complex.

the pantages theatre at hollywood and vine:

the iconic hollywood sign on top of mount lee in the hollywood hills:

street art hollywood style:

and the capitol records tower, resembling a stack of records.


[walking along the walk of fame was impressive and annoying. i enjoyed seeing all the buildings, theaters and the walk of fame itself  but at the same time it’s full of tourists and people trying to sell tickets, tours or overpriced food. i’m glad i’ve been there but i don’t need a second visit.]


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