nyc. some public art. on view now.

what: 9 sculptures by rafael barrios

where: park avenue malls (51th-67th street / park avenue)

when: march 1st till june 30th 2012

“Venezuelan artist Rafael Barrios will exhibit nine monumental sculptures on Park Avenue. Many of these pieces will be exhibited for the first time, created from experimental works that Barrios has kept reserved.

The pieces range in form, shape, color and dimension and are all representational of  Barrios’ forty-plus years of creating art that alters our perception and state of mind. Barrios experiments with volume and mass in his sculptures—at a distance they appear to have significant volume, but as you approach the pieces, they reveal their slimness.   As Barrios states, the sculptures are about “dislocating our perception in such a way that our mind’s eye will insist that you are seeing something that you are not.”

This exhibition was made possible by Art Nouveau Gallery. Exhibitions on Park Avenue are presented under the auspices of New York City’s Department of Parks & Recreation and The Fund for Park Avenue Sculpture Committee.” source


what: gran elefandret sculpture by miquel barcelò

where: union square (near east 14th street)

when: september 13th 2011 till may 29th 2012

“Barcelo’s immense Gran Elefandret, balances upright on its trunk, its four massive legs outspread searching for equilibrium. At twenty-six feet tall the sculpture brilliantly portrays an extraordinary, if not impossible physical and cultural feat; this contemporary monument believably captures with humor, scale and Spanish courage the essence of what a public monument can be today.

To further communicate the gravity-defying feat beyond the surprisingly slim trunk and large body, Barceló imparts the mass and weight of the creature through the downward sag of the heavily wrinkled skin, the off-kilter positioning of the huge legs, and the complete overturning of the floppy ears. The highly textured surface of the elephant recalls the artist’s tactile paintings, in which he creates rich topographic, sculpted surfaces on canvas.

Barceló, born in Mallorca in 1957, has spent considerable time in West Africa, and his paintings and sculptures often are often concerned with the natural life cycle.

This is a project by Marlborough Gallery, in cooperation with the Union Square Partnership.” source


what: tornado by michael sailstorfer

where: doris c. freedman plaza (near central park south and 5th avenue)

when: september 20th 2011 till april 1st 2012

“This arresting sculpture is the first public commission in the United States by Berlin-based artist Michael Sailstorfer. It is a powerful response to the attributes of the site, for which it was conceived, and to the epic scale of New York City.

Rising more than 30 feet to meet the treetops of Central Park, Tornado brings together a series of opposite terms. It combines lightness and weight, with looming black “clouds” made from inflated truck tire inner tubes that gently shift in the breeze. Its muscular steel armature zigzags from top to bottom while the ballooning rubber forms that hang in bunches from its spiraling arms are knotted together in bulging clusters. Like a tornado, which is violently powerful but also literally made of air, Sailstorfer’s towering work provides a visceral experience of sculptural form and materials in tension, massive but also vulnerable.

Tornado is the largest in a series of the artist’s sculptures that draw on rubber tires, inner tubes, and ideas of movement and velocity. Much of his work engages with natural forces and the way we perceive them through form and physical space. At the same time, there is often a hint of whimsy in Sailstorfer’s art, conjuring a sense of playfulness, backyard experimentation, and visual wit.” source


all information from / all photos are mine


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