atlanta. world of coca cola.

world of coca-cola is a museum about  the history of coca cola, located in atlanta, where coke was invented by john pemberton in 1886.

john pemberton statue outside world of coca cola
coca cola loft - showing international coca cola artifacts from yesterday and today
the hub - the center of the museums, all rooms and attractions can be accessed from here

“For the hub, Formavision created a large-scale mural in collaboration with New York design studio Plus et Plus, representing a lively and abstract projection of the earth. Formavision and Plus et Plus took inspiration from the cartographic legacies of Galileo and Copernicus to re-imagine a map, introducing op-art elements and positive words in various international alphabets. The mural symbolizes the optimistic outlook of the Coca- Cola Company on the world.”

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the polar bear - ready to greet the visitors and get his photo taken
wall art with coke slogans
the pop culture gallery - celebrating coca cola as an icon of popular culture
coca cola mural in the pop culture gallery
taste it! - where visitors can sample more than 60 different drinks sold by the coca cola company around the world

world of coca-cola is located beside the georgia aquarium and across from centennial olympic park at pemberton place in downtown atlanta.

for more information visit:


4 thoughts on “atlanta. world of coca cola.

  1. I loved the World of Coca Cola! I spent more than an hour in the tasting room, got all hopped up on soda, and promptly fell asleep in the cab on the way to the airport. So fun!

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