miami. espanola way.

my favourite spot in south beach: espanola way. it runs from washington avenue to pennsylvania avenue. it’s a just around the corner from ocean drive – but the complete opposite of it. while ocean drive is all about the art deco buildings, bars, hotels, fast and expensive cars – espanolay way is a quiet pedestrian area, full of restaurants, cafes, shops and art galleries.

despite the name you can find more than just spanish restaurants: a pizzeria, a french cafe, a brazilian restaurant, an ice cream shop, an irish pub, …

it is the perfect place to relax, enjoy a drink or dinner without all the usual south beach crazyness.

“… The Historic Spanish Village, better known as Espanola Way, was modeled after artistic and romantic Mediterranean villages in Paris and Spain. While the area was originally intended for Miami Beach’s high society, the 1920s brought about rough conditions as gangsters like the infamous Al Capone used the Clay Hotel for gambling… ” read more
info from / pics by me

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