graffiti hall of fame. east harlem.

“…The Graffiti Hall of Fame was founded by NY community activist Ray Rodriguez (aka “Sting Ray”) in circa 1980. Sting Ray launched the Graffiti Hall of Fame to provide street artists with a positive medium to display their skills.

The Graffiti Hall of Fame is located at 106th Street and Park Avenue (Jackie Robinson Educational Complex) in “El Barrio” Spanish Harlem, New York City. At one time or another, the walls here have been the canvas of some of the greatest hip-hop graffiti artists of all time. In the early years, the Hall of Fame served as an exclusive space for reputed subway graffiti artists that came from throughout the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island). As time passed and hip-hop style graffiti spreaded around the world, the Graffiti Hall of Fame became a Mecca for not only NYC’s best street artists, the Hall of Fame now attracts graff writers from all around the globe, hoping to catch a spot on the famed concrete walls in East Harlem…” source


graffiti hall of fame / east 106th street & park avenue / east harlem / manhattan / nyc

info taken from / all photos taken by me in october 2010


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